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Notice I’m not smiling much here? Here’s why

  • Thomas’s demeanor, process, and final product were world-class and they helped reinforce my initial hunch that his advice was going to be worth every penny.

    William Gallmeyer - Owner

    Green Projects Group

  • I highly recommend Ariyh and Thomas. It’s still early, but I think even if 1 of his 20+ research-backed recommendations drove results it would be well worth it.

    Joel Azzopardi - CEO

    We are Brands (

We’ll follow a simple process

Analysis of your current
marketing efforts

Only 90min required on your end

Receive 5 to 20 personalized

Prioritized by impact, effort, cost, and risk

Follow-up after
3 months

To measure results and tweak

What you’ll get

  • Acquire more customers by optimizing your website, ads, promotions, and pricing
  • Leverage existing customers by improving their spending, loyalty, word of mouth, and reviews they give you
  • Make your brand and messages clear and persuasive

About Thomas McKinlay

  • Founded Ariyh, where I analyze 1,000s of marketing studies each year. I’ve spent 7+ years launching and growing products at both startups and Google.

    Too many businesses rely on fluffy trends instead of science. They either fail or leave revenue on the table. Let’s change that.

    P.S.: Oh, and here’s my LinkedIn :)

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For both small and large businesses. I only work with clients when we can expect at least a 10x return. Investment: $2,900.